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Summer with AirExplore

  • Summer with AirExplore

    In summer 2012, the fleet will fly with the AirExplore crew wearing the colors of the prestigious Italian Alitalia and the British charter company Monarch Airlines.
    For a period of three months  (30 June – 30 September 2012), the OM-CEX, along with the AirExplore crew, will be based at one of the airports in Italy’s capital city.
    The national air carrier Alitalia flies to twenty-six domestic destinations, and sixty-six foreign ones. It is now considered the 19th largest airline.
    The British Monarch Airlines will also participate in the three-month program (19 July – 31 October 2012). The Boeing 737-400 OM-AEX, along with the crew, is based in Birmingham, where it will be providing regular charter flights from Great Britain, particularly to holiday destinations throughout  the Mediterranean Sea, the Canary Islands, Cyprus, and more.
    In the long term, the Boeing 737-300, AirExplore’s third airplane, is flying from its base in Southeast Asia for the Cambodian Tonlesap Airlines.